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Oar Hooks

$45.00 - $98.00

Hang your oar or boat paddle in style!

Each pair of oar hooks is made to fit your oar or boat paddle measurements.

*Traditional, slotted screws included free of charge.

Made by hand with hammer and anvil in our blacksmith shop.

How To Size Your Hooks:

- When ordering, please select the hook Diameter for your oar from the drop-down menu. If in doubt, order one size up or send me a message!

- For reference, the hooks pictured are 3.5 inches long, 0.75 inch wide, and will fit an oar that is 1.25 inches thick. They are 1.5 Inch diameter hooks.

- If your oar is thicker than 2.5 inches, please send us a message with your dimensions. (Oars of this large size are very rare. Larger dimensions are usually the result of confusing circumference with diameter.)


- Made from strong, durable steel.

- Polished for smoothness.

- Each oar hook is coated with beeswax using traditional blacksmith methods. This protects the metal from moisture and rust. It also darkens the metal (gunmetal gray to black). If you have any questions about color, please send me a message.

Oar Hook Sizing Examples:

- An oar that is 2 inches thick (diameter measurement) will use a pair of hooks that are 2.5 inches wide at the hook bend. This makes it easy to mount the oar.

- We can work with a circumference measurement (a measurement taken all the way around the oar) or a diameter measurement (how thick the oar is). We're happy to help if you have questions.


Shipped FREE via USPS First Class Mail in the United States.