Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit

  • Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit
  • Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit
  • Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit
  • Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit
  • Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit

This Single Burner Blacksmith Starter Kit includes:

  • 66 lb. Atlas Anvil
  • Single Burner Atlas Gas Forge
  • 2.2 lb. Peddinghaus German Pattern Cross Pein Hammer
  • Wolf Jaw Tongs

These items are carefully selected from two to three suppliers and are drop-shipped directly to your door. They will arrive in more than one package. Each package will have a tracking number provided via email.

*Please provide the shipping address you would like them to go to during checkout.

The Atlas Anvil (statement from the manufacturer):

This anvil has painted sides and horn to prevent rust.
Your new anvil will require proper dressing with a flap wheel. This is standard for new anvils of all brands.
This is a cast steel, hardened anvil of 4140 alloy for improved toughness

Material: AISI 4140 steel
Weight: 66 lbs.
Hardness: > HRC 55-59
Face Size: 4″ wide x 7.5″
Hardy: 1″
Pritchell: none
Base: 6″ x 9″ x 1.5″ thick
Bevels: 3″ x ½” radius bevel pre-ground
Swages: Round, Square, Hex

The Atlas Forge (statement from the manufacturer):

  • Stainless steel forge w/ adjustable sliding tool rest
  • 0-20 PSI regulator w/hose connects to 20lb. propane tanks
  • Atlas stainless steel 30k BTU burner
  • 6 oz Plistix 900f (small bag of white powder)

Plistix 900f can be used to improve your forge chamber, but is not required. To apply,

1. Spray the inside of your chamber with a mist of water
2. Mix Plistix 900f with a small amount of water (I use a small blender)
3. Coat the inside of your chamber (I use a spatula or brush)

Visit the Plibrico website for more information about Plistix 900f

Blacksmithing Training and Release of Liability:

These items are manufactured to precise specifications for use in blacksmithing and knife making. Both blacksmithing and knife making are inherently dangerous.

Before attempting hot forging with this equipment, we strongly recommend pursuing blacksmithing classes. Nearly all 50 states have for-profit and non-profit blacksmithing and knife making training available. We're happy to provide recommendations.

By purchasing this kit, you acknowledge the above statement and release Brown County Forge (Marks LLC) from any and all liability related to the use of this equipment.

Items Not Included, but Recommended:

  1. Leather gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection.
  2. Anvil stand - Upon request, we can provide a step-by-step guide to building your own.
  3. Forge stand - Suggestions provided on request.

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges:

Due to the nature of this equipment and the fact that it is drop-shipped, refunds, returns, and exchanges cannot be accepted.

Questions Prior to Purchase:

Contact Brown County Forge at [email protected]